Meet the Team


James is a Professor of Optometry and Vision Science with over 20 years of clinical, academic, research and management experience. His primary clinical interests are in paediatrics and ocular disease. He is founder and Director of the Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI), a research facility at Technological University Dublin dedicated to providing state of the art solutions for blindness prevention.

Prof. James Loughman, PhD

Professor of Optometry and Vision Science / Head of CERI


John is a Mathematics and Statistics Lecturer at TU Dublin and a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Eye Research Ireland. John's primary research interests are in Neuroscience & Big Data analytics.

Dr. John Butler, PhD

Lecturer, School of Mathematical Sciences / Principal Investigator at CERI


Ian is a paediatric ophthalmologist who has been involved in myopia research for over 25 years, principally in the areas of computational modelling, the optical control mechanisms of eye growth and the public health implications of myopia. He was awarded the Fincham Medal in 2001 by Worshipful Company of Spectacle makers for his work in this field. In addition to his clinical and research activities, he has extensive commercial and intellectual property experience, having founded two software companies and holds numerous patents.

Prof. Ian Flitcroft, PhD

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Mater Hospital / Adjunct Professor of Vision Science, TU Dublin / Principal Investigator at CERI


Kate is an Arnold Graves Postdoctoral Research Scientist at CERI. Kate is our clinical trial coordinator with responsibility for overseeing the conduct of our portfolio of clinical trials. Her own research interests relate to neuroscience research, myopia control, technology development and commercialisation.

Dr. Kate Loskutova, MD, PhD

Arnold Graves Postdoctoral Research Scientist / Clinical Trial Coordinator


Brian is an Arnold Graves Postdoctoral Research fellow at CERI. Brian is working on Big Data analytics.

Dr. Brian Fitzpatrick, PhD

Arnold Graves Postdoctoral Research Scientist


Gabriela is a Senior Research Assistant at CERI. She supports the conduct of the trials, communication, treatment accountability, data entry and general trial logistics. Gabriela is also involved in lab analysis of serum & saliva samples and other biomedical lab work.

Gabriela Hernandez Martinez

Senior Research Assistant


Michael is an Optometry lecturer at TU Dublin and a postgraduate research student at CERI. Michael is interested in big data analytics, and particularly the application of big data analysis to electronic health record data.

Michael Moore

PhD Researcher / Optometrist / TU Dublin lecturer


Niamh is a postgraduate research student at CERI studing the role of nutrition for myopia.

Niamh Burke

PhD Researcher / Optometrist


Tatiana has joined CERI as a clinical optometrist to pursue a PhD in the area of myopia control. Tatiana is a study investigator for the "MiSight® Analysis of Progression" (MAP) Study which is investigating Coopervision myopia control lenses for the prevention and control of myopia progression in children, and the "Children using atropine for reduction of myopia progression" (CHAMP) study which is using atropine to prevent the progression of myopia in children.

Tatiana Tyulkina

PhD Student / MAP and CHAMP Study Investigator / Clinical Optometrist


Emmanuel Kobia-Acquah is a postgraduate research student at CERI. His research interests focus on myopia control and public health policies in optometry. He is a study investigator on the ongoing “Myopia Outcome Study of Atropine in Children (MOSAIC)” and "Children using atropine for reduction of myopia progression (CHAMP)"" clinical trials at CERI which are designed to determine the efficacy and safety of 0.01% atropine eye drops in the management of myopia in European children.

Emmanuel Kobia-Acquah

PhD student / MOSAIC and CHAMP Study Investigator